NAM Health Care

NAM Health Care  





Providing cost-effective healthcare plans can be a major burden for any company—and that's why the NAM has collaborated with Mercer to develop NAM Health Care to meet the unique health care needs of manufacturers.


Our mission is to provide our member companies with medical, dental, vision and life plans built specifically for small to medium-sized manufacturers, including potentially lower premiums, reduced administrative costs and more coverage options to help meet the needs of their employees.




NAM Health Care





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Stay informed about workplace health and safety and your options for affordable, high-quality insurance benefits.





Obtain the same pricing and product flexibility as large employers with NAM Health Care plans!



With NAM Health Care, manufacturers will have access to the largest preferred provider organization networks and Mercer’s Multiple Employer Solutions. Mercer’s Multiple Employer Solutions is a one-stop shop for our manufacturing member companies. The solution makes the benefits buying process easy for our members and their employees.


Mercer is a global brokerage and consulting firm with more than 65 years of experience, creating and managing insurance programs for associations and other affinity membership organizations. With more than 400 association clients, Mercer has the privilege to serve some of the largest, most prestigious associations in the country.





NAM Health Care will be offered across the country, your business location will determine which offering you are eligible for — Association Health Plan (AHP) or Affinity Small Group (ASG). We have selected Mercer’s web-based onboarding process where member companies can get to the information most important to them. Information such as, “What benefits are available to me?”, “What does it cost me?” and “How do I roll it out to my employees?” The NAM has created a format to provide an incredible member experience both for the employer and employees.




The onboarding solution will allow member companies to do the following:


  • Learn about the competitive and flexible Fortune 500-type product suite, including medical, dental, vision and life options.
  • Request a quote for the tailored benefits to offer your employees.
  • Review quotes and purchase competitive benefit plans.
  • Select plan designs with access to employee contributions tools to help develop acceptable net costs for you and them. 



We all want the best for our manufacturers, their employees and families!



Employee Enrollment and Engagement Solution


Mercer’s technology-based enrollment system provides a streamlined, easy-to-use shopping experience. The enrollment tool provides guided shopping tools to help manufacturing employees select the most appropriate plans and benefits to fit their family needs.


Ongoing Cost Management, Future Innovative Offerings, Compliance


Managing health care trends requires constant innovation in the product suite that’s offered. The innovations Mercer has developed for their traditional corporate clients have unique application in the association space, lowering health costs while improving quality of care, access, patient navigation and employee experience. Mercer’s team of in-house ERISA attorneys and outside counsel partners has worked to develop a compliance package to ensure we are compliant with state Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement regulations, Department of Labor regulations and the myriad compliance requirements associated with employer-sponsored health care.


NAM Health Care is fully ACA-compliant, administered by Mercer and sponsored by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). Medical, Dental, Vision and Life insurance are underwritten by the selected carriers. Plans are not available to member employers in all states. All licensed and appointed agents with the selected carriers have the ability to sell the NAM Health Care offering through an open-distribution model.